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Welcome to Totally 80’s
Second Life’s premier virtual 80’s Dance Club!

Events All Day, Every Day!

Upcoming special events

Stay well, everyone!

  • Be sure to join us October 30th at 6 PM for our Scorpion’s Tribute Concert on the beach!
  • Don’t miss out on our annual Halloween Ball on October 31st. We’ll be in the ballroom for all sets that day. Dress up, dress down, just don’t miss out!
  • Visit the NEW Totally 80’s on our very own sim! You asked for it, and we listened. What can you do at Totally 80’s, all while listening to live DJ’s? You can skate in our roller rink; have fun at our amusement park, which includes a rollercoaster, drop tower, tea cups, and all the fun things you’d expect; watch an 80’s movie in our new theater, which includes a vast library of 80’s moves for FREE – we never charge for this and honestly, we never charge for ANYTHING; go bowling in our new bowling alley; play video games in our working arcade, and check out the 2nd floor to play Greedy or Duck Hunt; so many chill places on the beach, some which are good for cuddling; gazebos around the beach to relax in; take a swim in our swimming pools; go window shopping; and just so much more with so much more coming! We teleport you to that awesome 80’s decade we love so much so you feel like you’re right there in it again. We’re not just a club. We are an entire 80’s experience. We’re the #1 80’s club in Second Life, and we take that title seriously. We are here to submerse you in a wonderful 80’s experience that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Looking for an awesome 80’s playlist? Check out Bree’s Playlist


Are you just learning about Second Life? Click the link below to download the free viewer, which will also allow you to create your own free account. Come join us in Second Life so you can visit Totally 80’s!

Click Here to Download Firestorm Viewer
Click Here to Visit Totally 80’s in Second Life!

The Totally 80’s Management Team

Da Big Boss | DJ Bree
HBIC | Head Barbie in Charge

General Manager/Guru Behind the Scenes | Cherry Loudwater

Manager Extraordinaire |
Marcus Hancroft

OG GM | Hannah “Katana” Wagner

Manager | DJ Shorty

Manager | Lore Kasshiki

Night Manager | Linda Danvers

Mr. IT Department/”What did Bree break now?” | Eight Shelbyville

CIO/Coding Ace | Ty Collins