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Valentine’s Day Eve!

Are you ready to get your dance on? We hope so! Bree and Ty have the ballroom all prepped for the dance! Below you’ll see some pics of the ballroom. Our DJs and Hosts are ready to help you party the day and night away. Speaking of which, here are the team members working that day and night, with the first set starting at 10 AM PT:

DJ John Doe & Mal, DJ Eight, DJ Rick & Corry, DJ Mitchell & Marian, DJ Feli & Meli, DJ Vox & Sam, and ending the night with our 10 PM – midnight set is DJ Mike & Pink.

Is it Friday, you’re in love? Or does Love Stink? Whichever it is, get those requests out to the DJ’s! Dress up, down, in black (Anti-Valentine), we don’t care – just be there! I want to see you guys in the next pics I post! Keep your eyes open for those pic opportunities – several poses out for you to capture the fun!




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