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Valentine’s Dance Pics

Ahhhh, finally! Special thanks to Corry for getting some of these pics for us as well. Hope you all enjoy them! What will our next event be??? Stay tuned!

Daughter Gayle and Goujon

The Mighty Thor!


Feli, who no doubt is batting her eyelashes!

Corry and Eight
Thanks for the pic, Corry!

Ty's Uber driver, Bree

Bree and Ty showing off their mad dance skills! (haha! pose only!)

If you look close, that beautiful lady in red and the handsome man in white are our very own Mr. and Mrs. Colinsgrove! Congrats, Newlyweds! ♥

That pink bunny is no other but our Scrubbun!

Sam and DJ Voxxy on stage!

Marian and DJ Mitchell. I am missing Marian's tambourine, though!

John Doe with Adorable, while Mal hosts. Dynamic Duo!

DJ Feli!!

Jazzy and Devin!! ♥

DJ Kenzie eating a strawberry. Hey, it's Valentine's Day, calories don't count!

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  1. Lorelei

    Wonderful Pics everyone! Wish I’d arrived earlier to see everyone in their spectacular formal wear. Still, the ballroom was gorgeous and the music was fantastic, as always!

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