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On This Day, March 4th

On This Day in 1984, The Police wrapped their Synchronicity tour in Melbourne, Australia. It would be the last full concert they would play together as The Police, as they decided to disband. The did come together for the Amnesty International “Conspiracy of Hope Tour,” which ended June 15, 1986. They were together again at their 2003 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

In 2007, they reunited. The Police performed at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards on February 11, 2007. It was likely not much of a surprise when, the very next day, they announced they would be touring again. The Reunion Tour ended August 7, 2008, but their music lives on. What is your favorite song by The Police? I’ll post mine below. Actually, I’m going to drop two below, as it’s too hard to just pick one!

“Wrapped Around Your Finger” was directed by Godley & Creme. You may remember them from their song “Cry.”


More on “Conspiracy of Hope” tour below:

A Conspiracy of Hope was a short tour of six benefit concerts on behalf of Amnesty International that took place in the United States during June 1986. The purpose of the tour was not to raise funds but rather to increase awareness of human rights and of Amnesty’s work on its 25th anniversary.
End date: June 15, 1986
Start date: June 4, 1986
Location: United States

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