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On This Day, March 5th

On this day in 1984, Howard Jones’ debut album “Human’s Lib” was released in the UK. It entered the UK charts at #1 and would remain on the charts for an amazing 57 weeks. The album didn’t do as well on the US Charts, only peaking at #59 that June. “Human’s Lib” went Double Platinum in the UK and Gold in Canada. With the release the following year of “Dream Into Action,” Howard hit the US charts in the top 10, and the album went Platinum here. In Canada, it went Platinum as well, while achieving Gold status in the UK.

Howard is one of my fave 80’s artists. What is your fave tune from him? Dropping 2 of mine below.


  1. blackskytomorrow

    “The Prisoner” is a great song.

    And the video was an early use of computer effects. According to wikipedia, “The music video for “The Prisoner” was notably innovative at the time, mixing multiple photo and video editing tricks at a time when computer-based graphics effects were not widely in use.”

    If you haven’t seen the video before, take a look, It holds up really well for being 30+ years old.

  2. Bree

    Right!! I don’t even remember The Prisoner getting much airplay here, but thanks to albums we had access to every song the artist put out (as like CD’s from today, though we are really moving away from CD’s it seems).

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