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80’s Flashback Overdose

So I tripped over this video completely by accident…

Yes, that is an Atari console. The ad for it starts at the 16:27 point.

There are some other fun ads in there, including 2 for K-Tel Records. One at 9:18 and the very last ad which starts at 21:37.

And if you need to clean your dusty records, Ronco is there for you at 14:25 with the Record Vacuum.

At 18:19 is a kind of strange ad for Bugs Bunny & Friends. Anyone recognize the music in it?

Right after the Atari ad is a commercial for 60/40/20. According to a comment by “Pat the Batman Fan” from 1 week ago, one of the actresses in the ad at 17:07 “is Jayne Modean. I recognized her from the 1987 Christmas episode of “Cheers”. Apparently she was a popular model in the 70’s-early 80’s. She married, had a son with and divorced Dave Coulier in the 1990’s.” When I saw that ad, I recognized her face even though I didn’t know who she was. She must have been in a lot of TV spots back then. I also remember thinking she was really cute.

Right after that is an ad for Certs, with Flavor Crystals and Retsyn. Make sure to always load up on Retsyn, because judging by this ad, it fixes everything.

The very first ad in the video is for something called Big Zoom Stunt Plane, and if you listen, you can hear that it totally rips off the theme from Superman: The Movie.

And speaking of TV ads from the early 1980s…

The movie was sponsored by…. Atari! Which brings us full circle to the start of this post.


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