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Tune of the Day – “Appetite”

I thought I’d create a section to talk about music from the 80’s that perhaps you haven’t been introduced to yet. There were so many great songs that were missed due to where we lived geographically.

What am I listening to today? Prefab Sprout’s “Appetite.” Such an awesome tune!

Today, I introduce you to Prefab Sprout. These guys formed in 1978 in the UK. They didn’t have much success in the US, with their only album to see US Charts hitting at 178. This album was “Steve McQueen,” and it’s the album that caught my attention. The UK would go on to see their other albums hit the top 40, such as their debut album, “Swoon”, reaching #22 in 1984; “Steve McQueen,” reaching #21 in 1985; “From Langley Park to Memphis,” reaching #5 in 1988; and “Jordan: The Comeback,” reaching #7 in 1990. There are several more albums, but since we focus on 80’s, we’ll stop there.

I’ll drop some faves of mine below. Let me know what you think!

Appetite from “Steve McQueen”

The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll from “From Langley Park to Memphis”

Cars and Girls from “From Langley Park to Memphis”

From their debut album, “Swoon,” here is Don’t Sing

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  1. baar_orso

    Isn’t it funny that so many artists were huge overseas yet didn’t make a splash here? Gary Numan is another artist that comes to mind that suffered the same fate that these guys did.

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