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Tune of the Day – “Dying in Vain”

Scary Thieves!! My guess is unless you are a close friend of mine, you don’t know about this awesome band. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either until 2 years ago. I was checking out some music, and I came across their song “Dying in Vain.” All I could find at the time was a poor quality video. There wasn’t a CD, vinyl, or cassette tape to be found. After signing up on CD Baby hoping the would do a reissue, I gave up and created a UK Amazon account. Oh yes, I HAD to have this CD! Found it there with no problem.

Scary Thieves are a UK band who just never made it on the charts. They toured with Nik Kershaw for a bit, but they disbanded after after a year together, in’84-’85. Scary Thieves did record an album during that time, but it was never released.

They released a CD called “Halloween” back in 2015, which contains tracks and remixes from the 80’s sessions. IMO, you won’t find a bad song on the compilation.

Dropping a couple of my fave tunes by them here. Let me know what you think! Seriously, I love this band. ♥


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