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Friday Fun with DJ Bree & Marian!

Holy cow!! What a fun set we had this evening! It was a surprise set for me, and I’m so glad I grabbed it. So many great people and just so much fun. We even made some new friends, Ahn and Alex!! We love meeting new people, and these 2 are such gems! Friendly, fun, 80’s lovers, and just the down-to-earth people you want to meet when you are at the club. We welcome them to our 80’s family! It’s funny how you don’t even realize that you need a smile until it happens. Ahn & Alex, I’m so glad you found us, and I hope you return often! ♥ They are also Prince and Duran Duran lovers, and well, they had me at Prince and Duran Duran. Glad you guys enjoyed the tunes! As well, I love that you loved the more obscure ones!

Marian had her magical tambourine as always! She is such a fun host!! Thanks, Marian, for helping make tonight fun. I really hope we get to work together again soon. ♥

To all of you who came out, Ahn & Alex, Zakar, Sage, Trixie, Andrea, Nacho, Cole and oh my gosh, so many more it would take me a while, thank you!! It was the best way to start my weekend off. ♥


Enjoy these fun pics! You’ll notice my cam angle didn’t change much during this set, and it was because I didn’t want to crash! 🙂

Marian and her magical tambourine at Totally 80’s
Pixie, Octavia, and Jack popped in!
Friday night, time to party at Totally 80’s!
Trixie, Sage, Nacho, Pixie, and Andrea at Totally 80’s
The awesome Hostess Marian and DJ Bree at Totally 80’s
Random fun!
I can’t even with these 2! How cute are they??? SO CUTE! Ahn (blonde) and Alex (brunette) at Totally 80’s
More Ahn & Alex at Totally 80’s
Loving this look! Soooo 80’s!! Ahn & Alex heat up the dance floor at Totally 80’s!
The awesome Ahn & Alex at Totally 80’s


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