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Top 7 Reasons Why I Love Totally 80s


Hiya everyone. I am Linda, if you don’t know me. I have been a part of Totally 80s from the beginning. Bree invited me when she started creating this club. I was a hostess at I Love the 80s with Bree back in the day.

Here are my top 7 reasons I Love Totally 80s.

1) I am an 80s girl. I was a teen during the 80s. Some of my friends in RL have said I have never left the 80s.  I LOVE 80s culture especially 80s geek culture like D&D, comic books, Star Wars, Alien(s), Terminator, Dark Crystal, and tons of other cool geek/nerd movies and TV shows.  I would still dress in my 80s clothes if I could.  At Totally 80s, I am in the company of many others that feel this way. We miss the 80s. I am an 80s Girl and I get to be me.

2) I love 80s Music.  This is the best place to listen to 80s music in SL.   The music resonates with me and in my soul.  Some songs take me right back to an important moment of my youth. Other songs just make me happy.  80s music never lets me down.  I am always more happy after I listen to it.

3) Variety of Music.  Some people only think of a certain type of music as 80s music.  It isn’t just the fun 80s pop songs that I love. It is hard rock and heavy metal. It definitely includes hair bands.  80s Music is new wave and punk music also.  There are so many awesome styles of 80s music and I love them all.  All of them are still completely 80s while having their own sound.

4) PG Club. I know this turns some people off because they have to be more careful of what they say in local and how they dress. Yes we expect you to use your good words and dress where it leaves something to the imagination.  Yet, I love that it is a PG club because we can have families in our club without worrying.  We have a place where those that are more shy or conservative can enjoy themselves along with us wild children and hellions.  It is a club for everyone to enjoy as long as everyone can be thoughtful of others.

5) It is Family.  Totally 80s is much more than a club to me. It is family.  From Bree (our owner) down to the newest VIP, we treat everyone as family. We respect each other. We support each other. We cry and laugh with each other when people are dealing with RL. We are concerned if  you are a regular and we don’t see you.  Some of the family may be more like second cousins but still family and will always be here for them.

6) Working in SL.  I get opportunity to try my full hand at working at a club.  Bree and the other managers have encouraged me and helped me grow so much. I am now not only a host (which in my opinion is still the hardest job at the club) but also I get to DJ and be a general manager.  I love getting to help and be a part of this club on so many levels.

7) Relaxing. After a hard day of RL (especially right now with the COVID 19 virus), I need a place to relax. It really is like Cheers. When I walk into the club, everyone is calling my name and welcoming me.  I can just chill, dance, and hang out with these awesome tunes after a rough day.  It totally relaxes me even when I am working. There is such a sweet spirit in this club.  This was designed this way on purpose.  Management goes out of their way to make this place an Oasis for everyone that seeks it. I just love this club

These are my top reasons for loving Totally 80s.  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment.  What did I miss that would be one of your reasons?  Or what do you disagree with?

The Ginger Neko

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