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Random fun this weekend!

Hoping you all had a great weekend! Being stuck in the house is no fun, so we’re grateful to have places like Second Life to go to so we can escape for awhile. Totally 80’s was rockin’ as usual, and we had so many fun friends with us!


Just dropping some fun pics from the weekend. If you’re not in these pics, I sure hope I see you in the next round! We want to party and hang out with you, so please come join us!


Bree and Mama Rocki
Alex Avion busting out his best MJ moves! WOOT!!
More Alex!
Alex bustin’ those MJ moves with my niece, Terra, behind him.
Baar is on FIRE! Good thing Trixie is nearby in case help is needed. Nurse Bree is also on scene.
Left to right: Jinx, Alex, Bree, and Ty at Totally 80’s
Never fear, Nurse Bree is here!

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