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On This Day – Madonna

On this day in 1985, Madonna started her first tour. This was her “The Virgin Tour,” which supported her 2 albums, “Madonna,” and “Like A Virgin.” I remember buying her first album and thinking just how amazing of a singer she was. “Like A Virgin” would be one that I would have to borrow from time to time from my best friend, as at my younger age I didn’t dare play that for my parents to hear. As an adult, I can see how tame it mostly was, but no young girl wants to play songs about sex around their parents. Eventually, I got the album. 😉

This had to be amazing tour! The Beastie Boys opened for Madonna. I could have just died happily right there.

I’ll drop a few of my faves below. My all time favorite song from Madonna is “Into the Groove.” This song was never meant to be released as a single. I remember looking everywhere for it as a young girl. I would have my tape recorder at the ready to grab it when it came on the radio, with the DJ speaking right up until the VERY second she started singing. As a matter of fact, “Into the Groove” ended up as the B-side to “Angel.” I liked “Angel,” but I think most people, like me, bought that just to get “Into the Groove.” My tastes changed, as they often will, and I found myself not gravitating toward the mainstream 80’s as much. However, when “Into the Groove” come on the radio, this girl will be singing right along every single time.

And, yes, as cheesy as it was, I absolutely love “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Good goin’, stranger.


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  1. LindaDanvers

    You know me. I love, love, love Madonna. I moved to more of a love for 80s rock but Madonna still has my heart. Into the Groove is an amazing songs and one of my favorites.

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