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Random Easter weekend fun!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all holding up ok with this lock down most of us are enduring. I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful for music and friends than I am right now. While the friends I can hang with currently may be in a virtual game, they couldn’t be any more real to me. I hope you’ll come check us out at Totally 80’s! I can guarantee you’ll feel less alone and instantly charged with the amazing tunes are DJ’s are spinning.

Enjoy these pics from this weekend! ♥

Bree and Mal’s set at Totally 80’s
Alex, Zakar, Bree, Zorro, Izzy and more having fun at Totally 80’s!
Alex, Zakar, Ari, Bree, Zorry, Izzy at Totally 80’s
Alex busting moves and looking fab!
Bestie (Ahn) and Eight, entertaining us on Easter morning at Totally 80’s
Ahn and Eight at Totally 80’s
Happy Easter from all of us at Totally 80’s!
Left to right, Alex Avion, Ahn Avion, Ty Collins, Bree, and Zorro at Totally 80’s
The Safety Dance!
The Fab 4! Alex, Ahn, Ty, and Bree. Nixz is far right.
A rare appearance on stage by me (DJ Bree)!
So many in this pic! I spy… my niece, Terra; Sky; Pixie; Goujon and my daughter, Gayle; Blast Fire; Ice and so many more fun people!
Awesome Host Mal and DJ Bree at Totally 80’s
Front from left: Ari, Professor, Bree, Ice, and Zorro at Totally 80’s
I spy… Terra’s tail, Thor in the very front, I see Professor’s skates, Ty, Bree, Zorra, Trixie, Gayle and more at Totally 80’s
Sam and Vox on stage, with Bree, Ty, Thor, and Trixie dancing along to the awesome tunes at Totally 80’s
Fun in Second Life at Totally 80’s Club!


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