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TOTD – “Brass Monkey”

Oh my gosh, chillin’ at my desk and “Brass Monkey” pops on. Immediately, I am transformed back to that 16-year-old girl who listened to this tape constantly while dancing to it in her basement. I dare you to not chair dance or rap along to this tune! It’s one of those tunes that just instantly brings a smile to my face.

If you are a child of the 80’s, you may well be familiar with Brass Monkey, the drink. As you can imagine, this drink became super popular after the Beastie Boy’s released this tune. Many believed this was based on a drink that was made from malt liquor and orange juice. It was, in fact, named after the premixed Heublein cocktail (one part vodka, one part dark rum, and one part OJ). Mike D publicly confirmed that the premixed Heublein cocktail was their muse.

Brass Monkey, that funky monkey, come on – rap along!


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