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What Does the Host/Hostess Do?

When you walk into a club like Totally 80s, there is that person next to the DJ.  Usually they wear a tag that says something like “Host” or “Hostess”.  This person probably was the first person to say hi to you as you came in.  Who is this person and why are they on stage next to the DJ?

I remember the days when I had no idea what a Host or Hostess did at a club.   The DJ made since since they were controlling the tunes and taking requests but what is up with the host? They were often the arm candy for the DJ.

Eventually I made several friends that were hosts at different clubs.  I started asking them about their jobs.  Come to find out, it isn’t as easy as it looks.  They told me their Host job and how much work they put in.  This didn’t scare me away.

I decided I wanted to try my hand at being a host.  I had ZERO experience but I was up for a challenge  I had no idea the challenge it would be.  I messaged Joh, the owner of “I Love the 80s”.  I kept messaging him and bugging him again and again until he agreed to give me a chance.  I guess he grew tired of me asking and finally let me try it.

Here is what I learned through the years as a host at the original “I Love the 80s” and our club “Totally 80s”.

The top job of host is to be the face and voice of the club by greeting everyone as they come in. Make sure the VIPs and new people all feel welcome.  People can feel your smile through your computer.  A robot response isn’t enough.  A warm greeting goes a long ways.

A host has be the directory and information for the club by pointing where to find the dances and other information like the juke box or how to get a request to the DJ.  If someone has a question, the host’s job is to find the info and get it to them.

The host must follow and add to the conversation in local.  They must know what is going on in the club at that time and if something isn’t right.  Sometimes this is very difficult but a good host will balance it out.

The host is the ambassador for their DJ and for the Club.  Because of this, they promote them both.  Hosts promote what is going on at the club on all levels.  Their DJs rely on the hosts to promote them and remind people about the tip jar for the DJ.

There is so much to being a host.  it is constantly busy and knowing what you need to do next. It is a balance to the DJ who is taking requests and making sure the next song is ready go.  The host’s focus is on the people in the club.

There is a lot to being a host but I love it.  it is a hard job but very rewarding.  If you are interested in learning how to host, we will train you.  You too can be a host at Totally 80s.

The Ginger Neko

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