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Happy Rezz Day, Bree!


  1. Sam

    hm, let me think…what to say about Bree. I never learned to read, and I never learned to cook
    Why should I bother when I look like I look? I know lots of people are smarter than me. . .But I have this philosophy! So what!!!!!! Happy Rez Day my favorite Blonde!

  2. LindaDanvers

    Happy Rez Day Bree. I meet you almost 7 years ago. I knew you were so cool and awesome. Loved your sets especially when I started hosting and got to work with you. You are so much more than my boss. You are my friend who I dearly respect and love.


  3. Zakar

    Happy Rez Day boss/friend/sister. God bless the day we met.

    In the most platonic way possible:
    Through the years
    You’ve never let me down
    You turned my life around
    The sweetest days I’ve found
    I’ve found with you
    Through the years

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