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Bree finally made a playlist on Youtube!

I was sitting here the other day thinking perhaps I’d make an 80’s playlist on Youtube. The next thing I knew, I had over 400 songs! I’m sharing some of my faves from New Wave, Dark Wave, Indie/Jangle, obscure, some Robert Plant thrown in for good measure. Now, if you’re looking for an 80’s playlist with Journey, Madonna, etc, this is not it. While they were all amazing, they weren’t the only defining groups of the 80’s. There is SO much we missed – whether our radio station didn’t play it, or perhaps we lived on the wrong side of the pond.

You may notice a handful or so don’t necessarily match the feeling that playlist gives. That’s what I love about music. You can make it your own, and it always fits. If you are in my close circle, you’ll find at least 1 song in that playlist for you. Let me know what you think. ♥

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