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There It Was In The Corner Of The Bar…

… in front of Trippz, Ellie, and Zakar!

Space Invaders in the corner, and yes, the place did have a bar.

Recently, DJs Trippz, Zakar, and Ellie met up in RL. Ellie took them on a tour of her town, with good food, sights to see, and an incredible arcade.

Trippz destroyed the other two at Space Invaders, and edged out a victory Zakar at Joust.

Ellie managed to outperform Trippz at TRON, and easily beat Trippz at Dig Dug. “Easily” meaning “hugely.”

Zakar is the undisputed Bubble Bobble king. The other two didn’t even TRY to compete on that turf.

We also discovered that Totally 80s very own host Baar Orso owns a restaurant that prints its very own newspaper.

P.S. Sam, you should have been there!


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