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More Fun at the Grammys

The last post covered Herbie Hancock’s legendary performance at the Grammy Awards in 1984. But that wasn’t the only time he did an amazing performance there. He returned for the 1985 show, bringing along Stevie Wonder, Howard Jones, and Thomas Dolby.

The video does not allow embedding but you can watch it here.

Hearing John Denver – John “Country Roads” Denver – extolling the virtues of electronic instruments is pretty strange. But funny.

Some of that performance was pre-recorded, according to Howard Jones.

A lot of it was prerecorded stuff that we’d already done in the studio because of the ambition of it, because it was using that amount of technology. I don’t think anybody would have been brave enough to play everything live! So we played some things over the top of it, and then the rest of it was pre-done in studio. I think that’s the only way to have achieved it for the Grammys. I think it would have been very risky otherwise!

The Thomas Dolby fan site gives a very detailed account of that performance (very, very detailed, but fun to read), including such things as Stevie Wonder almost not making it to the show, something about Diana Ross needing a Fatburger, and Herbie Hancock himself being pranked for TV’s Bloopers And Practical Jokes.

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