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Was (Not Was) – Anything Can Happen

We danced by the light
Of her video screen
She looked me in the eye
And said
“Why me?”

In 1988, Was (Not Was) released the single “Anything Can Happen” from their album What Up, Dog? The song was used the following year in the movie See No Evil, Hear No Evil starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. Hard to say how well the movie holds up (Roger Ebert gave it just one and a half stars), but a VIP here at Totally 80s contends that the song itself stands the test of time.

Jeremy Van Sancina: shoot, anyone could remake this nowadays and the younger set would think it’s a brand new song
TRIPPZ: hm, yeah, I think you’re right
Jeremy Van Sancina: well, that and nothing dates it to the 80s, even the computer and video screen references

The video screams late 80s, but as for the song, I’d say it holds up pretty well. Doesn’t even really sound dated.

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