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Tune of the Day – Happiest Girl by Depeche Mode

I was DJ’ing a few days ago and played this song. I was surprised when a few people mentioned they had never heard this song before. It’s from the 1990 album “Violator.” It was released as a B side to “World In My Eyes.” If you’re a huge DM fan, you undoubtedly already know this. The Jack Mix of this song is the original and my favorite. Why am I adding a song from 1990? Because the 80’s sound didn’t start in 1980 nor end in 1989. As an 80’s DJ, I play songs from 78-91. I could go forward/backward and still find the 80’s sound, but then I couldn’t really call myself an 80’s DJ. 🙂

Do you love Depeche Mode as much as we do? What is your fave DM song? Let us know! I’m dropping “Happiest Girl” below, as well as one of my favorites “I Feel You.”


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