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Music Monday – A European 80s Journey – #2 SWEDEN

Hello everyone and welcome to a new weekly post in the Music Mondays section!

We are continuing our journey through Europe and today’s destination is Sweden. The country of IKEA, ABBA, but also some amazing 80s tunes!

Heja, Sverige!

The first song I will be sharing with you is ‘Don’t You Know, Don’t You Know’, by Secret Service. I love this song, it’s really good!

This song was covered by a fellow Swedish singer called Ankie Bagger. I will also be sharing it with you, because it’s just as good. (LINK IN COMMENTS)

Speaking of Ankie Bagger… she’s got an amazing song of her own called ‘Where were You Last Night’. It’s a very powerful song with a strong chorus and an insane keychange!

The 12 inch version is a MUST-LISTEN, by the way. (LINK IN COMMENTS)

The last song I’m sharing here for now will be ‘Oh Mama’ by Lili & Susie. It’s actually one of my favourite 80s tunes! This also has a US mix, apparently, which is also very good!


Alright everybody, that about wraps it up for today. Over the next days I will post some more songs in the comments.

Speaking of comments… liking the tunes?? Which one is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments down below!

Stay tuned for next Monday when we take things a bit more exotic and go to…… SPAIN!

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