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Music Monday – A European 80s Journey – #3 SPAIN (Part one)

Welcome to the next edition of Music Monday! Today we are going to the hot and sizzling Spain! The land of paëlla, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and various other fascinating and interesting sights…. but today and next week (that’s right, this one will be divided in two parts!) we will be taking a look at the 80s music!


Let’s kick off this post with the first song. ‘Maquillaje’ (make up) by Mecano! Mecano, formed in 1981, was one of the most popular Spanish pop bands ever. A song of theirs that became a big hit was ‘Hijo de la luna’ (Son of the Moon), released in 1986.

Next up we have ‘A quién le importa’ (Who cares) by Alaska y Dinarama! This band changed name later on and became Fangoria. This is an iconic song and it’s about being free and individual independence. This was their biggest hit and was covered nearly two decades later by Mexican superstar Thalía.

To close down the first part of this Spain topic, I’m finishing with the song ‘Lili Marlen’ by the group Olé Olé. Vocals by Martha Sanchez. She is still active today!

Do you like the songs? Got other favourite ones? Let us know in the comments!

I will be adding more songs in the comments and post a YouTube playlist in here.

Stay tuned for next week when part two is posted! Got more tunes up my sleeve.

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