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Music Monday – A European 80s Journey – #4 ITALY

Hello and welcome to a new chapter in our 80s European music journey! Today we are heading to Italy! The land of spaghetti bolognaise, pizza, lasagna,… and totally awesome 80s tunes!


Ciao, Italia!

First up is one of my favourite songs ever. ‘Baila Bolero’ by the duo Fun Fun! This one is really fun and I sure hope you like it. It’ll get those pixels shaking for sure!

Next up I have Ivana Spagna. I’m pretty sure most of you know her song ‘Call Me’, but she has a few other good ones! Here is ‘Every Girl and Boy’.

Last up, I present to you, Raffaella Carrà. An iconic singer who sadly passed away in 2021. She had a very long career and remained active until very recently. She had so many wonderful songs, but this is one of my favourite ones. It’s a gem.

That was all for this week! More songs will come below in the comments!

Which one is your favourite? Got Italian songs you wanna share? Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned for next week when we will be heading to…… Italy again? That’s right! As Italy is FULL of great music, we’re just gonna stay here for a while.

Until then!

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