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This time Sam interviews… Sam!

Sam Winchester: A host at Totally 80’s. pretty, funny, sweet. Not into froo froo, likes knives and sharp objects.

Best sandwich: Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese, little bit of lettuce (I am NOT a rabbit), tomato, mayo, salt, pepper, oil and balsamic vinegar on a roll.

What’s the one thing you own that you should throw out: my Dale Earnhardt Racing Jacket.

Scariest Animal: Spiders. Eyes and Pincers. End. Of. Story.

Apples or Oranges: Apples

Have you ever asked someone for their autograph and if so who: Arthur Ashe, and I got it!

Favorite Action Movie: Seven Samurai

Favorite Smell: Waffles

Least Favorite Smell: my jeans after three or four days

Most Used App on your phone: Lithium (a reading app)

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Flat or Sparkling: Flat

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi

You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what is it: Born This Way – Lady Gaga

Describe the rest of your life in five words: One Hell of a Ride

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