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DJ Bern & Ellie rocking the club!

On Mondays at 10PM SLT you will spot DJ Bern spinning a late night set at Totally 80s! During last night’s set, he was accompanied by hostess Ellie.
Together they decided to turn it into one big rock party!

The stage was expanded a bit, DJ Berning rocking the electric guitar, hostess Ellie slapping that bass.

Present were VIPs, turned groupies, Clayton, Watergreen & Jinx!

As the set progressed, a few more props to intensify the rock mood were added on the temporarily enlarged stage.

It was a lot of fun and we all had a great time! DJ Bern even did an hour overtime because it was just so great!

There’s always something happening at the club! You VIPs make this place so amazing and we love having each and every one of you!


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