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Joyce Redrose-O’Black

Sam has a chat with Host Joyce

Joyce Redrose-O’Black: a host at Totally 80’s. I do have managerial knowledge but rather host. I am a fun loving, I love music and I like to give out props to the guest so they can have a good time

Best sandwich: Whopper, no pickles, extra mayo

What’s the one thing you own that you should throw out: Came up blank. so. nothing?

Scariest Animal: Snake

Apples or Oranges: Granny Smith Apples

Have you ever asked someone for their autograph and if so who: Jean Claude Van Damme and I got it

Favorite Action Movie: Top Gun

Favorite Smell: Ocean Breeze

Least Favorite Smell: Danky Room

Most Used App on your phone: Facebook

Cats or Dogs: definitely cats

Flat or Sparkling: don’t like water

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what is it: Fly Me To the Moon – Frank Sinatra

Describe the rest of your life in five words: In Love with the Dream

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