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Music Mondays – A European 80s Journey *rebranded*

After a bit of a hiatus, Music Mondays is back! However, things will go a bit different from now on. We will no longer be looking at country per country, but very deeply hidden European gems will be presented each week!

Let’s not wait any longer and find out the first three songs of the rebranded Music Mondays that are coming your way!


Up first we got Moulin Rouge – High Energy Boy!

Moulin Rouge are a Slovenian (part of former Yugoslavia) duo. I have only discovered them fairly recently, but I’m SO hooked on their music! Hope you like it!
Also do check out another song of theirs called Boys Don’t Cry. That song will surely get you dancing on your feet!

Up next we got Taffy – Once More! You may know Taffy from ‘I Love my Radio’, but I really need you to hear this one. Such a fun and uplifting song. Perfect for an 80s party.

For those who don’t know Taffy, she’s a UK Hi-NRG/Italo Disco singer. If you haven’t heard I Love My Radio yet, be sure to check it out!!

And last but certainly not least, for this week, we have… Venus – Bang Bang!

Venus is a Swedish band. They only released a few songs before disappearing into the void, never to be heard from again. ‘Bang Bang’ is a really good song and it makes you feel happy and cheerful. Certainly got me chair dancing! Fun fact, they also released a song called Bang a Boomerang, which is the English version of Bang en Boomerang, which is actually a cover of an ABBA song!

Did you like the songs? Let us know in the comments!

See you next week!

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