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Music Mondays – A European 80s Journey – 20/6/2022

Hi all, happy Monday!!

New week, new tunes. So let’s get right into it!

Up first we have Laban – Love in Siberia. Laban are a Danish duo who initially sang just in Danish, but they had limited international success with several songs in English. One of them being ‘Love in Siberia’. It’s a really good song and an absolute gem that you MUST hear.

As a little bonus, because the song is THAT good, here’s an extended version!

Up next we have…. Spagna (also known as Ivana Spagna), with her song ‘Easy Lady’. This one had fairly limited international success in Europe. It’s a really good song. One of Spagna’s better known tunes is ‘Call Me’.

Again, as a bonus, here’s an extended version!

The last one I have for today is a special one. My country’s very own Sandra Kim (Belgium), with her song ‘J’aime la Vie’ (I love life). Sandra Kim remains our one and only winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, way back in 1986. Fun fact: In the song, she sings about being 15, but in reality she was just 13 when the song was released! I haven’t heard this song in a while, and it just hits so good when you hear it! It’s happy, cheerful, and very dancey! Enjoy!! I admit that this song isn’t one of the hard to find ones, but it’s worth mentioning in this section of Music Mondays, because I don’t think many people outside Europe know of its existence!

And yet again, as a bonus, here’s a long version!

Thank you all for tuning in today and see you next week!

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