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Lost in Gale Force 10

Hi everyone,

We all have moments when certain events in RL knock you down, or at least try to knock you down. And then you find yourself surrounded with negativity, not realising that those close to you are always there to help you when you are in need of it. When I feel bad, I resort to music as it has a certain healing power. And this is a song that came to me at the right moment.

Essentially a song about a breakup, but the chorus hits me in such a different way that it immediately clicked. No matter how strong the wind you’re in, it won’t break you. In the chorus, I interpret “you” as the negativity.

I’m lost in gale force ten, but I’m still standing tall
It could not break me, I just vowed
I will survive anyhow
Lost in gale force ten, but you won’t see me fall
And I’ll find shelter in the end
When you are still lost in gale force ten

This is the English version, by the way, of ‘Rechtop in de Wind‘, the song that represented the Netherlands in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest.

If this song can also help just one person, I’ll be very happy!

Have an amazing weekend!

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