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Trippz’s Rez Day

Or: The Fire That Made Hell Freeze Over

Yacht Rocker
/yät/ /ˈräkər/
1. The amount of curvature in the bottom of the hull of a yacht along its length from bow to stern.

2. Person obsessed with a style of smooth, tuneful rock music popular especially in the US in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Examples: Trippz Blacksky, Professor Falken

Antonyms: Bree Rayne

Yeah, Bree hates Yacht Rock.

Recently, Totally 80s celebrated DJ Trippz’s 15th Rez Day (wow, Trippz, you’re old!) in the inimitable Totally 80s style.

Trippz's Rez Day

What makes this so exceptional is that the yacht…. is Bree’s! Yes, Bree of all people went yacht for this. What a wonderful friend.

Of course, she did immediately set it on fire…

Thanks to Sinon for the official definition from the Oxford BunBun Dictionary

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