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In Loving Memory of our Beloved Artic

Please join us Monday, August 28th at 8 PM as we celebrate the life of our beloved Artic. We will forever love and miss this sweet girl, and we’re so thankful she was such a huge part of our lives. Artic was part of the core of Totally 80’s. She was up bright and early to make sure everything was running smoothly, and there to fix it if it wasn’t. Her heart and soul is part of our club, and we carry her memory with us as we try to navigate the next weeks, months, and years.


Artic didn’t know a stranger. She was kind to every single person she met. She loved fiercely and was so very protective of us, just like the mama bear she is. You don’t get to meet many people like her, and we’re all so grateful she was such an integral part of our lives.


We could write all day about all the goodness inside our beloved Artic, but those who know her KNOW. Please join us as we celebrate this amazing lady whom we are lucky enough to call family. As well, please keep Spud, Nick, Teddy, and all the rest of her family in your thoughts. I know how much they appreciate them.


Artic, we love and miss you, always. There are no words to begin to thank you for the role you played in our lives, to thank you for being the amazing friend and family you are to us. I know you know how much we love you, and please know we always knew how much you loved us. ♥


In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Artic
In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Artic

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