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Website updated and (almost) fully running!

After some crazy days that involved tons of backups, PHP updates and modifications, useless new CSS styles added and removed after a while, and a bunch of other boring tech stuffs… We made it!

With the cooperation of our Barbie Boss Bree and our CIO/Coding Ace Ty Collins finally we got this thing working and looking nice.

Thank you management team for the new photos (and for your patience).

Along with the new OWN TOTALLY 80’S SIM I’d say nothing’s gonna stop us now (did that ever happen?).

In case you have missed it click here to check out Trippz’s post about the new sim, which includes great photos and some funny conversations.

P.D.: This creepy guy also helped somehow…

Resident heypal playing silly as usual. He was banned from the sim and from the website.
Don’t ever feed him if you see him around, y’all been warned!!

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