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About Us

What is Totally 80’s Club?

... and how did it come to be?

Totally 80’s began when our original favorite club, Bree Purple

I Love the 80’s, ceased to be. My dear friend, Joh Solo, owned that club. It was the best 80’s club in Second Life! Once it had to close due to real life obligations, we knew we had to keep the 80’s alive. After speaking with Joh, Totally 80’s was born. Joh is with us on staff, and sometimes he will drop in for an impromptu set. Be sure to look up at the ceiling, as he will sneak in and start dancing there!

Our motto at Totally 80’s is a simple one. We strive for the club to be a warm, cozy PG club where 80's music reigns ALL the time. Our motto is: great tunes, great friends, and great times!

As you enter the club, you’ll realize you’ve stepped back into the wonderful 80’s. From staff to our amazing VIPs, we are warm, friendly, hospitable, and patient. We welcome new and old players of Second Life alike. We all remember our days of being new, and our group is always happy to help with questions you may have regarding the club or even Second Life itself. We don’t have cliques at Totally 80’s – everyone is just there to hang out with everyone else while listening to the best 80’s tunes on the grid. We continue to grow our 80's Club family, and we all share the friendship that arises. Great tunes, great friends, and great times!

Unlike some so-called 80’s clubs, Totally 80’s truly plays only 80’s music, hence our name! Our DJ’s play the best tunes from pop, rock, new wave, dark wave, obscure 80’s, and more. Our DJ’s are always happy to take your requests. Our friendly Hosts will keep the party going and help with anything else you may need during your stay. Be sure to join our free VIP group to stay up-to-date on the latest goings on at Totally 80’s! We typically have sets in the main club, but you can also find us on our new party deck, roller rink, or even our ballroom.

We welcome everyone. You may come in seeing a dragon host or a fox DJ. Second Life is the place for you to be what you want to be, and we welcome that. We’re PG-friendly so families are able to enjoy time together at the club.

If you haven’t checked us out yet, please do! You won’t find a friendlier bunch of people. We hope to see you soon!