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Bree & Wynter

Bree and Wynter - BFF's!

I would be remiss without having a page here for me and Wyn. Without getting too sappy or going too long into our story, she has basically been my BFF since the day we met back in early 2012 at our original hangout, the I Love the 80's club. She and I clicked immediately.

People find us together years later, and they comment they aren't surprised to see us "still glued at the hip." Us either. Our friendship surpasses the limits of Second Life. We tell people we aren't just best friends in Second Life - we are best friends in every world that exists. We've shared each others journeys, and bonds like that are forever. We know each others moms and families. We are friends outside this game, and we always will be.

Wyn, I love you so much girl. I can't imagine SL or RL without you by my side. We will always be the perfect storm. ♥

The first pic is of us from 2013 at I Love the 80's, and the second pic is from January 2020. What will we look like in another 10 years? Thanks to Second Life, we will ALWAYS look fabulous - and we will ALWAYS be together. ♥